The Company

Awning system by paraskeuopoulos

The company Paraskeuopoulos was created in 1980 by Mr. Panayotis Paraskeuopoulos with the objective of construction and placement of awnings of every type. Attending the technological developments has managed to become a pioneer concerning the liability and the quality in mechanical accoutrement and know-how at awning sector. Thus, it was created a model center of awning construction and placement, providing complete shadow systems.

Some of the main advantages of our company are the direct service and the guaranteed quality of our work.

Mr. Paraskeuopoulos by himself visits your place and proposes the most suitable solution at any occasion. We design ergonomic solutions, combined with aesthetics and the personal preferences of the costumer at textiles, systems, motors and automatisms.

The sewing of the awnings takes place in our family industry with fibers that have been tested in the long run and are recognized for their quality and durability.

The construction of the metal parts of awnings takes place also in our industry with the most suitable mechanical accoutrement.

We are always informed about the international developments at awnings area, as we attend regularly the international sunshade exhibition R+T that is organized every 3 years in Stuttgart of Germany.

The materials we use are from the greatest houses worldwide. We also import motors of every kind and automations from trustworthy international firms.


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